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If you want to learn Photoshop easily, properly, effectively, the right way - welcome here!

“Thanks for all the great info and teaching every tool in detail. I learnt more from your 2 day course than at the ‘Top Design School’ I am currently studying at - which presents it over 8 weeks. I will recommend this course to anyone.” - Anel

“…you explored most of the elements needed to help one grasp the information, you demonstrated on the projector, by means of action and you made sure that we were all on the same ‘page’, and you gave personal assistance to people who needed it.” - Anne

“…I learned more from your course than what I learned from the ‘Well known Internationally Recognised Tertiary Institution’...” - Nomthi

Give a hungry man a fish, and he has a meal for one day. Teach a hungry man how to catch a fish, and he will never hunger again.

Based on this philosophy, we have created probably the most extensive Photoshop courses available today. But we also realise that people in today's world seldom have time to attend courses for weeks on end. That's why we present our courses over three days. This may sound short, but we will teach you more during these three days than you will learn from numerous of the top schools and / or universities over several weeks - and we make sure you understand the work!

Photographers, Designers, Layout Artists, Scientists, Artists, Publishers, Students, Managers, Web Designers - all of these professions have gained experience through our courses.

The Photographer - For those who want to deliver photographs with that extra punch, so as to be on par with the cream of the photography world, digital post-editing has become a de-facto standard. For this reason, Digital Editing Software has become just as important a tool to the digital photographer (and even some internationally renowned non-digital photographers), as a good camera body, decent lenses and proper lighting equipment.

The Designer - Take your design abilities to the next level. Never again wonder if something could be done or not! Empower yourself with the knowlege that it can be done - that you imagination may be your only limit!

Photoshop, universally seen as the very best in commercial photo / pixel manipulation software, is one of the most powerful tools you will ever have at your disposal - and it is easier to use than you think!

Our Photoshop courses are probably the most extensive courses you will find. By means of a hands-on approach, we'll teach you more than you'll learn from other courses - at a fraction of the cost.

With more than 12 years' experience in Adobe Photoshop, we guarantee you best value for money, and a proper knowledge-base to tap into.


Assuming that the students know nothing about Photoshop, the Beginner’s course is designed to help you understand the fundamentals of the tool - thereby helping you to help yourself. Most other courses will demonstrate a couple of techniques, leaving the student with the ability to perform some tasks, but no real understanding how or why it works. Our courses will enlighten you; give you a basic understanding of the tool so you will know how to accomplish any task you want. During the process, many doors will open for you and you will already learn how to perform tasks you never even thought possible!

We won’t just teach you how to drive from X to Y; we’ll teach you how to read a roadmap, so you can drive anywhere!

For more information on the Photoshop Fundamentals Course, click here.

Once we are confident our students understand how Photoshop actually works, we know that they will better comprehend the material covered in the subsequent courses. Our students are now ready for a series of Applied Photoshop courses, which takes the fun and learning element to the next level!


So often it happens that people have a wealth of knowlege, without realising how to apply it!

This series of courses was designed specifically to teach people how to apply Photoshop in their everyday lives. Not only will we show you how to utilise knowlege you already have, but we will teach you some more advanced tools and techniques, opening doors you never even knew existed!

Showing you how to do colour correction, fixing up seemingly un-saveable images, setting up your computer for optimal Photoshop performance, glamourising images, extended touch-ups, and much more.

For more information on the Applied Course, click here.


No matter how many courses we write, we will never be able to cover all the possible areas where Photoshop can be utilised. Due to the vast power and flexibility of Photoshop, there will always be items not covered in a course.

For this reason, we decided to introduce the Show-Me-How sessions. Here we cover some more real life examples:

  • Creating Postcards
  • Creating Posters
  • Creating Book Covers
  • Creating Invites
  • Creating Collages
  • Creating a Kids 'Wanted' Poster
  • Colour Correcting
  • Blending Photographs
  • Advanced Digital Manipulation

For more information on the Show-Me-How sessions, click here.

Private sessions are booked as, and when needed. There are no dates nor time limits. You say where and when, and we enlighten you to your every Photoshop need! No waiting for others, no hearing what you already know - just get all the info YOU need, right here, right now!


Click here to see a list of all courses available.

Courses are presented throughout the year, so if you do not see a date that suits you right away, please feel free to enlist for future courses, or check in at a later stage for more course dates...


If you would like to place a booking, or if you have any other enquiries, please contact us either by phone or by email:

Phone: +27 [0] 84 88 000 55

Alternatively, you could also contact Blanc Noir Photography:

Phone: +27 [0] 84 88 000 55


Please note that limited seats are available for each course, and that they get booked quite fast. To ensure your place in the next course, make a booking as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Hope to hear from you soon!


All rights reserved. We reserve the right to alter course dates, or cancel courses at our discretion without prior notification. Students registered for courses that are cancelled will automatically be moved on to the next available course. We regret, no refunds on cancellations.