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OK, so how do I create all the things I want to in Photoshop?

How do I use Photoshop in a real world environment?

How do I create a Poster, Postcard or Magazine Cover?

How do I create cool Photo Montages?

How do I make somebody Younger or Glamourise a photo?

How do I create funky web buttons?

This is where we learn how to do all that, and much, much more! All students will participate in creating the above mentioned and learn how to actively apply their photoshop skills in creating real world products - from designing a CD cover, to creating surreal images, to high end photo manipulation, to....anything!

The one day interactive 'Show Me How' sessions was created out of students' needs. We realised that just as each individual attend our courses to learn Photoshop, they all have different reasons and means of applying their artistic flair through this tool.

The Serious Photographer has different needs from the Hobbyist. The Graphic Designer's needs differs from the Layout Artist's. And then you also get your Creative Directors, Web Designers, Scientists...the list is endless....

To write a course that will cater for each student's specific needs would be almost impossible!

Then we realised something else...each of the above mentioned disciplines can learn from the other. So, the concept of the 'Show Me How' sessions materialised!

There is no real structure to these sessions - each student in turn gets to ask questions; a 'Show Me How do i do this...' question, and we will demonstrate, allowing the class to partake in the excersise as we go along.

This way, everybody learn from everybody else!

This is really where it all falls into place. Having a good foundation to any tool or profession is non-negotiable, but when it comes to the grind, that is where the proof is shown in the pudding!

Here you will learn how to stretch your brain, to think outside of the box, to start thinking laterally. We will first discuss every question asked, and analyse how we can apply our knowlege of Photoshop to solve the problem.

Most people already have the knowledge to solve most problems, they just do not realise it yet! We will teach you how to plan your actions, and show you how easy it is to accomplish most tasks.

In short, you will learn how to solve problems by means of what you already know! You will be amazed...

It's easier than you think!

You need to know all the basic tools of Photoshop. If in doubt, you can always attend the Photoshop Fundamentals course.

You'll also need to have an understanding of Alpha Masks and Channels. These are taught in the Photoshop Applied 1 course.

Come with lots of questions!

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Please note that limited seats are available for each course, and that they get booked quite fast. To ensure your place in the next course, make a booking as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Hope to hear from you soon!


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